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Behind the Zines #9 – Billy McCall, editor
Moonwise – Greer Gilman
Idols Vol 1 2019 ed.: K-POP feat. Leo of VIXX and Tastes Like Home – Allison Catuira
La Hojarasca – Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Mixtape #4 – Molly Growler
El colonel no tiene quien le escribe – Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Viridis Venefica #2 and #3 – Sinoun
Tao Te Ching – David Hinton (translator)
Maids – Katie Skelly
Fire Logic and Earth Logic – Laurie J. Marks
The Body of Work and The Half Men – Kevin Huizenga
Soft Reset – Kaitlin Kostus
Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally Until It Is Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit –
– Sonia Viento
Cul de Sac #8 – Julie Halpern and Liz Mason

Root Hog or Die, A Film About John Porcellino and King-Cat Comix
Lunch On
Star Trek Enterprise
RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars
The Princess Bride
At Home With Amy Sedaris
Star Trek Picard
Star Trek Discovery
Ugly Delicious
Brainiac: Transmissions After Zero
The Muppet Movie
Drag Race Canada

The Mandalorian
The Addams Family

Inside Llewyn Davis
Carnival of Souls

Jane B – Agnes Varda
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Cleopatra Jones
Ornette Coleman Made in America – Shirley Clarke
Guerillere Talks – Vivienne Dick
Imagine the Sound – Ron Mann
Grey Gardens – Maysles
The Ballad of genesis and Lady Jaye
Night Journey – Marie Losier
Born in Flames – Lizzie Borden
The Eagle Shooting Heroes – Jeffrey Lau
Gate of Hell – Teinosuke Kinugasa
The Last Angel of History – John Akomfrah and Edward George
The Changing Same – Cauleen Smith

Coochi3 – Edge Slayer
Middle Ouest – Bergsonist
Grapefruit Regret – Karenn
Nevaeh – MHYSA
Created in the Image of Suffering – King Woman
All The Rooms I Have Been Touched In – Madam Data
Towards the Shadow – Wume
Vous et Nous and Brigitte Fontaine est… – Brigitte Fontaine
Deceipt – This Heat
Automatic Midnight – Hot Snakes
Evil Nigger/Gay Guerilla – Julius Eastman
Instrumentals – Mouse On Mars
Red Lite– Mr. Airplane Man
Kubali – MC Yallah
Everything is Beautiful – Princess Nokia
Under Constructin – Missy Elliot
EVOL – Sonic Youth
Geography – Front 242
Laila’s Wisdom – Rapsody
Iaora Tahiti – Mouse On Mars
A B – Juana Molina
Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting – Don Cherry
New York Eye and Ear Control – Albert Ayler

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