I used to publish a zine called Flotation Device. That’s where the name of this site came from. I don’t make it anymore. Except sometimes I do. If you are interested in reading any of the in print zines, all you have to do is send me an email and request one. I’ll send it to you for free! Because, fuck capitalism.

Zines in print:

flotation device

Issue 18 is a (hopefully not too) heavy times zine about my grieving process for my friend Alex who died a year and a half ago now. It’s a collection of the thoughts I had and feelings/sensations I felt during that first year and some stray memories of him that live in me. There’s also some random detritus that made sense to include at the end. Ephemera!

Issue 17 is about music. I guess three of the last four have now been about music in some way. But this one is from the perspective of music listener. Listening to specific music at specific points in time. A few shows I saw in person and things that happened while I was at said show. Music and memory. Also a bibliographic accounting of all the shows that I’ve attended (probably mostly complete). Further, there are a few photos that I took.

Issue 16 is about my experiences living with and learning how to live with anxiety and panic. It is a memoir stylee autobio perzine. This zine includes words, sentences, and paragraphs. Lists. Descriptions of panic attacks. Thought processes that arise during panic episodes and times of extended anxiety. Also descriptions of the acceptance process. The time period covered is 1996- 2018.

Issue 15 is about a band I played in for 5 years. This zine includes words, sentences and paragraphs. Lists. Portraits. Etc. Photographs and reproductions of collaged photographs. A description of events, shows, practicing, practice spaces. It is a memoir stylee autobio perzine. The time period covered is 2003 – 2008.

Issue 14 is about a band I used to play in for a few years or so and a book store I used to work at for eight years or so. This zine includes words, sentences and paragraphs. Lists. Portraits. Etc. It’s a memoir stylee autobio perzine. Occasional intersections with Chicago music and Chicago zines/comics at a particular point in time, approximately 2002-2006.

Variously titled zines

netlabeler is a zine that came out of an interview project that I am working on that documents netlabels and the work that goes into them. The interviews live online, but I wanted to create a small zine using my responses to the interview questions as a way to reach audiences that may not already know about netlabels. In addition to learning about what a netlabel is, you will learn about file formats, software tools, sharing platforms, artist relations, curatorial responsibilities, open culture, etc. It’s a glimpse into the labor that goes into doing a thing you love. 36 pages. 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches.

netlabeler #2 is a collection of interviews that Noah Berlatsky conducted with me; musicians Lauren Sarah Hayes, Sarah J. Ritch, and Helena Ford; and librarian Eileen Dohnelak. The interviews were for a piece he was writing about pan y rosas discos and the concert series I organize. 36 pages.8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Brief Text Descriptions of Everyday Events is a collection of super short journal entries that are laid out chronologically in poem format. You could also say this is a collection of poems. However, I don’t want to lessen the work of poets by saying that I’m making poetry. It’s all semantics though, right? Poems. Journal entries. Zines. Black and white. 4.25 x 5.5 inches. 32 pages.

Consumption Journal #1 is a list of all the books I’ve completed since 2008. Think of it as the end notes or an appendix or a bibliography for the past few issues of Flotation Device, but as a stand alone zine. Autobiography through media consumption! 32 pages. 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches.

Starfish is a zine about Bikini Kill. As both a band and a concept. How people remember and experienced Bikini Kill. Personal responses, memories, interviews, instructions. The zine is typewritten. It includes words and illustrations and comics and photos. All proceeds from the zine will be donated to Chicago Abortion Fund. Contributors: Isabella Aimone, Mariela Arzadun, Keith Helt, Micaela Hester, Jess Hogan, Dustin Krcatovich, Missy Kulik, Sarah Leitten, Caroline Lucas, Rachel Masilamani, Liz Mason, Billy McCall, Celia C. Peréz, Lauren Redhead. Black and white. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. 40 pages.

you are coming going is a slow motion accumulation of thoughts, phrases, sentences, and events that I thought, encountered, and experienced between 2014 and 2017. Maybe you’d like to read about it?

Zines out of (physical) print:

Where is issue 13? this is the great mystery.

flotation device 12

Issue 12 is all about trees and the experiences leading up to turning 30. Warehouses! Mexico! Apartments! Self awareness! Flashbacks to treeforts! It’s all here. It’s 72 pages and you can read the whole thing for free right here.

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flotation device 11

Issue 11 is an all comics issue. I wrote about how I got into zines and self publishing and had friends and artists that were inspirations/influences on me draw them. You can download it here. It is a huge file – so I don’t recommend trying to open it in yr browser. Just download it. Or you can read it here. Neat.

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Zines out of print:

flotation device 10

Issue 10 was all about my extended stay in Costa Rica where I stayed with a family for a couple of months to learn Spanish. It’s outta print.

flotation device 9

Issue 9 had Converse All-stars as its thematic link. A lot of growing up and life happened in my cons. It’s a double issue. It’s outta print.

There were earlier issues of course. Some embarrassing, some had okay moments, some sucked. They’re outta print too. Such is life.

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you are coming / going April, 2018
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Brief Text Descriptions of Everyday Events – 2020
Netlabeler 2 – 2021