flotation device 18

I started making Flotation Device in 1998 and I did it frequently and regularly for a while. Then for a while I didn’t make it at all and I thought I was done making them. But then I started up and I realized that I had only been on a super slow and sometimes irregular schedule. And now, here is the 18th issue. Which seems both crazy and totally normal at the same time. Making zines is just something I do at this point. Although I struggle with, like, who do I make them for? Why do I make them? Etc.

Flotation Device 18 is a (hopefully not too) heavy times zine about my grieving process for my friend Alex who died a year and a half ago now. It’s a collection of the thoughts I had and feelings/sensations I felt during that first year and some stray memories of him that live in me. There’s also some random detritus that made sense to include at the end. Ephemera!

I’ve decided I’m pretty much done selling things, although I will take some of these to Quimby’s for olde tymes sake. I’m in a position where I can not participate in capitalism in this tiny infinitesimal way. I don’t need to sell things, so why bother. Which means if you’d like a copy of this zine, just send me an email and say so. I’ll send you one for free. I’m happy if someone reads it.

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Half Witch – John Schoffstall
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Nation Time – Joe McPhee
Air Cecil Taylor Quartet

summer 2021

July 15, 2021

Of a sudden – a downpour afternoon

A white heron stands fishing near the shore
the geese in the pond across the green swim
and shake the rain from their feathers
five small white birds fly above the heron’s pond
occasionally diving in to catch aquatic creatures

A roll of thunder
and the geese honk and hop out of their pond to sit on the green grass
sheets give way to drops
the sizzle hiss becomes staccato beats

The veil lifts incrementally and distant trees reemerge
in the grass a frog sings low

I sit on the porch and read about a young trans  girl
fighting to exist in North Carolina

July 18, 2021

A scalded tongue
fields and wind break trees
A landscape of repetition
you reveal yourself in layers

July 20, 2021

Sitting in the silence of night
a yellow moon
airplanes, cars,
the cat’s water fountain in the kitchen

Straining my ears for crickets,
other insects of the summer night

but only silence

It could be winter
but for the open window

August 7, 2021

Reading a book in the morning
Observing the rotation of the earth
as sunlight spreading
across the page

August 24, 2021


Warmth. Mellow depth appreciation. Smoothness of voice.
Third shift small town rave-up.
Cleaning an apartment bathroom, sun pouring through window.
Mexico is imminent.

Jazz chords and beats. Internal summer dance parties.
Recycled from an early millennium crushed out mix-tape.


Ascending drama. A cavern. Night.
Golden slink opulence. A queen rather than lizard king.
Head nods. The nineties dream spanning decades.
Ecstatic pop. A smear of sound.

Canopied optimism.
New and old anthems.

September 19, 2021

the moon
behind clouds
dark trees silhouette
against night sky


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An Unkindness of Ghosts – Rivers Solomon
Best Show Ever – Alyssa Giannini, editor
The Star Fish – Martha Grover
Grapefruit – Yoko Ono
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Sznz – Mother Nature and Boathouse
#2 – Conatus
Ex Voto – Djunah

April – May 2021

April 14, 2021

Midnight. The silence of the house. Computer fans. The whir of the refrigerator. The general sound of air moving through enclosed space.

A repeating muscle spasm in my chest.

Thinking of my friend spending tonight in the emergency room. All the comings and goings and noises of a space that never sleeps.

April 27, 2021

Midnight and cool breeze through open windows

(lilac in the air this afternoon)

The temporary novelty of bare skin on sandals

Sitting with the impossibility of comprehending the totality of the full moon

May 2, 2021

Warm air
Wind and onions cooking
Instant time travel
The kitchen in Turrucares
Mincing onions in a processor
And peeling garlic left my fingers sticking together

radio, radio!

Hello, I’ve been doing a radio show for a few weeks now. That’s kind of exciting. It’s an online radio station out of England. You can find that here:


My show is called Flux Capacitor and new shows air every other Saturday night from 10pm-12am Chicago time (UTC-05) with repeats the following Monday from 3-5pm Chicago time (UTC-05).

If you can’t tune in for the initial broadcast, you can find old shows over at mixcloud!


February 8, 2021

Ten mourning doves arrayed on tree branches and the cables connecting our house to the pole in the alley. Heads buried in puffed feather bodies against the cold. Backgrounded by gray sky and white snow roofs.

Febrary 21, 2021

1 am. Longing for an open window and the sound of speeding motorcycles on the highway.

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