13 resonances

Princess Leia using her force powers to return to her ship from the vacuum of space

Lando Calrissian removing his mask and smiling

Ben Solo quieting his light saber after hearing the voice of his mother from across the yawning light years of space

Han Solo knowingly saying I know to his son

The ghost of Luke Skywalker succesfully raising his x-wing fighter from beneath the waves

Chewbacca wildly inconsolable, swinging his limbs and howling upon learning of Princess Leia’s death

Anthony Daniels getting a second of unmasked screen time as a pilot

Rey returning to Luke’s home on Tatooine – now her home

Growing and aging and acquiring new perspectives

Princess Leia
Music cues and refrains
Parallels and full circles
A closure of childhood

Experienced multiple times through multiple spaces over forty years

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