the year in poetry 2012


Spontaneous morning
it is cold
frozen breath and dusting of snow
noisy guitar improvisations
on the radio
driving my son to school

Buildings and sky blend together
behind snow
beer and wine in my bag
crossing the slippery bridge

An ongoing list of things that I enjoy –

When it’s hot out
walking past the air conditioner and getting chilled
just before getting into bed
chills on my back

My son saying done after eating

Morning sun
blood on my shirt
from my son’s split lip

His lips covered in blood
sucking on his pacifier
and laughing

Yesterday. Sunday

Walking in the park behind our house
up and down the steep hill
down to the bike path and the river
my son quacking at the ducks
smelling flowers
touching trees
fascinated with bees
my partner in a tank top
cool out

He woke up at 6.30 this morning
my hand on his back
stroking his head
messy hair

He ate a peach
without me cutting it first
a mess of juice on his pajamas

Smiling and laughing
when I kiss him on the neck

Reading earthsea
and a strange feeling of having been before
comes over me
when I see the upper corner
of the page creased where I had folded it over
to mark my page
twenty some years ago

I don’t remember the plot
but I know I’ve been here before

Haze in the lamplight
damp crisp air
a chill
leaves burning
smoke from a fire place

Composing poems
and phrases in my head
while I walk home

I never remember them
the next day

Getting used to the cold again
no hat yet
just red cheeks
and hands in pockets

My son smiling when he touches
the first powdering of snow
on the back steps

Cold he says and mock shivers
holding his arms
close to his chest

Cold this morning
my son woke up at four
my throat is scratchy

an old man pees next to
the off ramp at irving park

A young woman bobs her head
and mouths the words
to a song on the train

Coffee is not enough today