summer 2021

July 15, 2021

Of a sudden – a downpour afternoon

A white heron stands fishing near the shore
the geese in the pond across the green swim
and shake the rain from their feathers
five small white birds fly above the heron’s pond
occasionally diving in to catch aquatic creatures

A roll of thunder
and the geese honk and hop out of their pond to sit on the green grass
sheets give way to drops
the sizzle hiss becomes staccato beats

The veil lifts incrementally and distant trees reemerge
in the grass a frog sings low

I sit on the porch and read about a young trans  girl
fighting to exist in North Carolina

July 18, 2021

A scalded tongue
fields and wind break trees
A landscape of repetition
you reveal yourself in layers

July 20, 2021

Sitting in the silence of night
a yellow moon
airplanes, cars,
the cat’s water fountain in the kitchen

Straining my ears for crickets,
other insects of the summer night

but only silence

It could be winter
but for the open window

August 7, 2021

Reading a book in the morning
Observing the rotation of the earth
as sunlight spreading
across the page

August 24, 2021


Warmth. Mellow depth appreciation. Smoothness of voice.
Third shift small town rave-up.
Cleaning an apartment bathroom, sun pouring through window.
Mexico is imminent.

Jazz chords and beats. Internal summer dance parties.
Recycled from an early millennium crushed out mix-tape.


Ascending drama. A cavern. Night.
Golden slink opulence. A queen rather than lizard king.
Head nods. The nineties dream spanning decades.
Ecstatic pop. A smear of sound.

Canopied optimism.
New and old anthems.

September 19, 2021

the moon
behind clouds
dark trees silhouette
against night sky


the year in poems 2013

Early morning
awake three hours
and it’s not even 6.30
arm around our son

You are a blur
of preparation
appear and reappear
in various stages of dress

The air outside is warm
for January
this winter of constant fall

Sun and slow wind
no hat, no gloves
bare trees
a mud flow by the baseball field
and a train to take me to work

A single gray hair on my head
torrential snow and rain
a friend died
after a year of ovarian cancer

This morning a meteor
exploded over Chelyabinsk

I see her as I last saw her
in her office smiling
and I see her as I imagine her
on the operating table
unconscious and slipping away
eyes closed

Vapor trails in the sky
blinding white
flash of light

In the middle of lunch
he gets up from his chair
runs into the other room

I hear him playing
I tell him there are grapes
I hear him running

then a thud
a pause
a breath
a loud cry
instant tears

I pick him up and blood pours
from his lip
onto his shirt
and my shirt
cries and cries

touches his blood
looks at his hand
and cries some more

I hold him in the bathroom
try to get him to suck on a wash cloth
try to put pressure on his lip

He refuses

His lip is swollen
but the bleeding slows
I hold him close
and his breathing calms
his cry is less intense

Do you want to watch a show?

quiet, weak

We sit on the couch
he sees blood on my neck
tries to wipe it off
with the wash cloth

As he calms
and begins to heal
my body and mind relax
and I try not to cry
fight tears
as tension, fear, worry, love, relief
release at once

Early afternoon light
reflects off snow
we sit close
the tv on

Early lunch interrupted
blood, a split lip
tears and safety
while we sit on the couch

My stomach
always takes my attention
I feel it as a physical thing
a weight
it feels large
or it carries my anxiety

I feel it hang over my pants
my belt squeezing against it
in the windows of buildings

As I walk by

I see it hanging over
in and out as I breathe
do others see it as I do?

Then –
why does that matter

It doesn’t
it does and it doesn’t
self conscious

Accepting my body
its changes as I age
weight added
noticed only by me
but noticed
every night in the mirror

Smell of cut grass
sitting on the train
alive after work

awake in bed
looking into the dark ceiling
you breathing
on the other side of the bed
we don’t touch

Standing on the train
on the way home from work
humid evening
garlic breath

Streak lightning
across night sky
the window across the alley
with a wreath on it
talking on the couch
while our son sleeps upstairs

Slow train morning
eyes fluttering with sleep
drifting in and out
while reading a book

Sitting on my lap
this morning while eating pancakes
with applesauce

He stopped and looked at me
and gave me a hug
this he said
I gave him a hug
holding him close

When I started to release him
he said
and kept hugging me

I held him close again
my chin on his head
when he had enough
he turned and grabbed a piece of pancake
dipped it in his applesauce
and put it in his mouth

Wet heavy clouds
the smell of grass and weeds
in the air
my feet damp inside shoes
lilac petals on my shirt

Cool and damp
I didn’t even know
I missed this

Trying not to take it personally
while you throw yourself to the floor
and refuse to eat the lunch I made

Sun through windows
observing anger and sadness
you are so tired

Friendship depth
should we have hugged
before you walked away?

Cool afternoon
full stomachs
a book given a book received

Trying not to fear
the bike ride home

Sun morning
tree seeds in the seams of the car
my son singing along to
ring of fire
dancing to slow ride
more this he says
more this dada

This weekend was
mowing the lawn
and errands
a possibility of making out
the park
our son singing and dancing
our teams tying and winning
beer and wine

Turning the corner
in the bathroom
at work
narrowly avoiding
the puddle of piss
in front of the urinal

Lingering smell of shellfish
in the halls
from yesterday

Pointless leaving work
the lines for the train
are deep
in the humid afternoon
three or four
will go by
before I can get on

Spending the day
with our son
walking to the hardware store
what’s this?
what’s this?

Up and down the aisles
are you ready to go?
no, what’s this?

heavy clouds open
it rains
he splashes in puddles
squats, puts his finger in a small puddle
tastes the water
he laughs when the drops hit him

Alternates between walking
and me carrying him

He leans into me on the couch
my head rests against him
holding him close

The door handle rattles
and the door opens
he walks over to our bed
and crawls in
and we sleep
for a few more minutes
five o’clock

Holding him close
his legs grip my stomach
we rise with the waves
and fall with the waves

He smiles

A large wave
rolls us
I grip him tight
no thoughts
just action

We come up
but calm
hair sopped
in our faces
water dripping
in our mouths

Sunlight still

Focusing on my breath
in and out
the words
to not believe in 100 years of happiness
come from nowhere

Shit smeared
running down the garage door
an open diaper
on the ground at its base

Waking up
his foot in my face
his foot in my neck
pale light in pre-dawn
turning him around so
his head is by mine
my arm around his
small body
he burrows in
I doze
hoping he will sleep
for a little longer

Following my breath
and nodding off
while I sit

A burned out
cicada droning
alone in the
summer evening
as I walk home

That fat pigeon
looks like an owl
caught me by surprise
when I first saw it
under the overpass
at Irving Park

Old man
singing minor
with an out of tune guitar
as busses go by
waiting people at Jefferson Park

Fast moving clouds
cool air damp with rain

My hand on your thigh
while we talk
at night too tired
to move

After work
humid sun
smell of electricity
and smoke
two men talk
I’m aware of my teeth
and how they feel

A delayed train
children’s voices

Stifling heat on the train
after work
eyes glued to a book
high altitude clouds
summer dresses

(happened July 2013)

Small sunburn
on my shoulders
my big toes torn up
slices like gills
sand burning my feet
giant waves, no clouds
knowing my family is there
on the beach
but I can’t see them
without my glasses

The body of a pigeon
into the deep impression
of a foot
frozen in cement

Cool air this morning
as I walk to the train
that will take me to work

Last night
I could feel
the mass of my body
attention to my stomach
touching my legs
my son eating grapes
while writhing and squirming
in my lap
bringing more awareness
I couldn’t stand it

I can’t stop sweating
slightly dizzy
out of the corners of my eyes

These two
this couple
sitting at the back of the train

Revolt me
with repeated

– short and sweet
but every ten seconds

Unwarranted disgust
but true nonetheless

the year in poetry

March 20, 2018

For John Porcellino

In the evening
the expectant hush
palpable from the small audience

Having dealt with the pause
with humor
a lip to his finger
he sips pop from a can

The first image from his talk
on the projector,

A pause
then he begins with


and heavy


May 7, 2018

The play of all her feelings as she reads from her phone –
a smile full and open


Incredulity in her mouth – pulled to one side in smirk


Expectancy – a brief twinge of slow annoyance,
or vague disgust


A smile again and silent laughter.

Sun illuminates half of her face as we ascend,
out from the tunnel

Her shirt gathers in a series of wrinkles,
she leans against the half wall and window by the door

Her weight largely on one leg,
one hip slightly raised


May 18, 2018

  1. A small black beetle, or flying ant, or other such divided insect, crawling on the thigh and then disappearing over the calf of the woman sitting next to me on the train.
  2. A dream of zombies. Flesh shorn and chewed. Gnawed. Inevitable and foreseen.
  3. The collapse of insect ecosystems and the disappearance of pollinators.
  4. Waking to another school shooting. Nightmarishly routine. Nauseatingly apathetic. Our nation’s meaningless thoughts and useless prayers.
  5. The world ending. The world breaking.


October 30, 2018

Tired. The changing of the seasons, tired.

Tired. Waking to a tantrum throwing child, tired.

Tired. It is no longer day, only night, tired.

Tired. The air heavy with dry leaves, tired.

the year in poetry 2015


mirrored with water
gleaming white
frozen salt


In dream
a music festival
and I walked searching for a bathroom
an old friend
had a baby girl with him
I touched her head
she smiled

Contemplate returning home
before returning to music
lost in the crowds
sun evening
on either side of the street


Washing dishes
while they play hide and seek
I hear his footsteps
the vibrations in the floor
my hands are wet

night out the window

He thinks about hiding next to the stove
then the pantry
settles on squatting
next to the portable dishwasher

plain sight
with his hands covering his eyes


Instinct takes over
clutch toilet seat sides
heave chest and stomach convulse
vomit all
vomit all

It’s okay soothe
rub back and shoulders

It’s okay
pause and repeat
then hug and clean up


Early early
6am finds us
cutting paper on the couch
shapes and scraps and snowflakes
while Jack Skellington on the tv
we are paper cutters
working in a factory
he says


Ride music waves through time
what you were
and what you are
past and future
in general sense
but specific moment
time hops
even to a second
a fragment
and twinge of specific
felt again after thirty years
just as it was ago
notes and tone
the quality of reverb
transportation to and from

what do you feel?
possibility, bitter and sweet?
what do you feel?


Cold morning
ice air that cracks cement
burns face
while snow marbles over
dark ice
as walk by park
foot foot
I feel the temperature drop
when I walk over the ice


What did you do?
how did you live?
tolerate so long ago
these frigid winters?
in Illinois
by the lake
pre Chicago
no heat
but community
wanting inside
bundled together
breath frozen
hanging in heaps
in the air above you
your family
through long nights
strength in numbers

What was your day to day
when the weather
could kill?


Small nerves in the small place
beneath my chest
is it my stomach
a small knot of empty
that is there
more often than not
small nerves
faint and persistent
letting me know I’m alive
tiny fear and worry
both hollow
let it in
give it space to move around
make itself at home
it’s already here
it knows its way about
it might as well
make itself comfortable


Shuffle puzzle pieces
with pictures and letters
we put them together
he active
me suggesting
he saying the letters
sounding them out
as the pictures assemble

Waking up still
laying on the floor on my side
the hardwood the track lighting
his small bed

The smell of wet
earth and stone
in the subway tunnel
rising to work day
under new snow
gray buildings
hide clouds
soot slush puddles
run trickle rivers
down stairs
and water seeps
through subway gaps


Miniature block towers
monuments to play built without thought
primary color brick houses and cities
stuffed couch cushion monoliths
spaceships with windows
jump platforms
and zombie traps

The floor strewn with crumbs
uncountable snacks
crackers, cheese, cheerios, pretzels, popcorn
embedded in the pile of old carpet


The first mist morning
of the year
chill with warmth on the breeze
mudflows and black pack ice thaw
the black wings of that crushed pigeon reappear
having been under snow since January


Wake to pain in my neck
and my son who whispers
dad, can we wake up?
and gray light from the window


My feet crunch quiet and soft
one in front of the other
three dogs, a man on skis
sirens weave in and out
and the woodpecker at intervals
knocking rapid succession

It sticks to my jacket and eyes


This morning he yells at me
voice rising to screech
then runs at me
fist and hands pummel my legs
my knees
voice rage and disgust

I had refused to help him when he yelled
a command at me
I asked him to ask politely
and he yelled stop it and I walked away

now facing this condensed anger
he grabs my shirt between his teeth
and tears a hole


Over the weekend
at the botanic garden
eating our lunch of

peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, greek yogurt
with caramelized bananas, vegetable chips, potato chips,
chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk and water

we sit on the outdoor patio overlooking the lagoon
sunny and bright
and cool with mist from the fountain in the air
and you ask me to take your picture
while you pose like a strong man, flexing arm
in front of face
and chocolate stains around your mouth


Irving Park blue line
the secret exit

The stairs descend
then branch before us
to the left to the right

Holding hands as the smell of pigeons and pee
he with Swedish fish in a bag

the wall spanning mural
bright with alebrijes
from one side of the underpass to the other
the giant bird at its center

it’s a bat bird he says


Taking him to school
on the train
the first humid day of the year
our hair is thick
piled on top of each other
in curls

Carrying him on my shoulders
as he mashes my hair into my eyes
and sings and touches the
tree branches as we pass


A glass bong with Bob Marley engraved
on the phone with his mom in Puerto Rico
sí tú sabe ma, tú sabe

a tv expands the living room
on the walls – unstretched canvases
music electronics, instruments, accumulate on floor

he eats an egg and ham sandwich toasted

books – the sexual politics of meat, Chomsky latin America
Jodorosky El Dedo Y La Luna. Cuentos Zen, Haikus, Koans

he tells me about his new job, how it came about
his liminal relationship
the woman who lives in Wisconsin
the woman who comes into his bed every morning at three
a rape victim advocate
an unsustainable situation

His hair is cut short and responsible
his shoes are black vision streetwear high tops
his pants are black jeans
his shirt is black with the Chicago bulls logo on it, smoking
the band name twin peaks above it

We are to play music today


Two women on the train
one sits reading
a purple dress
her eyes painted dramatic like a queen

One stands holding a thermos of coffee
she leans
head pressed into the chest of her partner
her feet flat on the floor Achilles tendons stretched
her body a straight line
forming a triangle


While doing dishes
I hear laughter upstairs
he laughs loud

I lay down on the bed to
watch them play charades
they take turns drawing cards
and acting for the other to guess

She hangs a picture on the wall
he flies a kite
she drinks through a straw
he is a chair

They laugh and I laugh
the track lights on
through the window
the last glow of day
behind rooftops
tired from riding my bike
home from work


The death star flowers in bloom
purple spindles radiate
from impenetrable core
on single green stalks
thick with length

How long will they last?
weeks. A month. No more.
they rise from ground covered
with green leafed
plants abundant with humidity

They surprise as I walk
to the train in the morning
every year I forget they exist
and every year they return


Allowing myself to feel sad
even when I don’t know why I feel sad
allow myself to feel how sad
makes the rest of my body feel

He dances
naked on the coffee table
after his bath
wet hair already curled against his head
a butt shimmy
his two hands up shaking raised pointer fingers
he turns himself around
a huge wide open mouth smile
laughs hysterically
and we laugh too
then stops.

Face serious and calm
arms clamped to sides
he straight falls onto the couch cushions
lands board rigid

Then rolls over laughing again
body stretched long and pressed into cushion

Diffused light
through window
sun set behind clouds
part of his face is lit
part of his face is shadows

INXS – What You Need


In the midst of summer
wild heat blooming off black pavement
waiting for the light to change
at California and Milwaukee
the car door opens
a woman leans her head out
over the gutter
and vomits
gags and vomits into the street
then coughing
slams the door shut
the light turns green
the car drives off

Walking to yoga after work



Music in the cemetery
again as evening falls
and sun disappears
glow behind trees
the band in lights
projected at a distance
long notes held longer

she raises her hands
slow then slower
high above her head
the cymbals tower
in this way she keeps time

Hair in eyes
guitar neck
angled high towards his face

He greets the crowd
a soft voice
thanks us
a song for his wife

Damp air
from earlier rain
blankets us
keeps us warm

With their backs to us
bass and guitar faced into amps
feedback perfection wall
the show ends


Two things he says

1 – enchanted of meatballs

Instead of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

2 – I want two sandwiches
one will have
ham cheese and mayonnaise

The other will have
cheese ham and mayonnaise

For breakfast usually


On the train
reading morning
while seated

a young woman standing
in front of me
reading Slaughterhouse Five
short dark hair in curls
gold bulb earrings dangle long from lobes
jean jacket cuffed with sleeves
crop top black with midriff bared
a flow ankle skirt with swarm of rainbow
and leather ankle boots

for her
it is 1992 come again



The foam from my pee in the toilet formed a map of the Atlantic

Hand drawn fifteenth century cartography

The continents pulling apart as water tectonics ruined their structure

What sign this?

What portents?

the year in poetry 2012


Spontaneous morning
it is cold
frozen breath and dusting of snow
noisy guitar improvisations
on the radio
driving my son to school

Buildings and sky blend together
behind snow
beer and wine in my bag
crossing the slippery bridge

An ongoing list of things that I enjoy –

When it’s hot out
walking past the air conditioner and getting chilled
just before getting into bed
chills on my back

My son saying done after eating

Morning sun
blood on my shirt
from my son’s split lip

His lips covered in blood
sucking on his pacifier
and laughing

Yesterday. Sunday

Walking in the park behind our house
up and down the steep hill
down to the bike path and the river
my son quacking at the ducks
smelling flowers
touching trees
fascinated with bees
my partner in a tank top
cool out

He woke up at 6.30 this morning
my hand on his back
stroking his head
messy hair

He ate a peach
without me cutting it first
a mess of juice on his pajamas

Smiling and laughing
when I kiss him on the neck

Reading earthsea
and a strange feeling of having been before
comes over me
when I see the upper corner
of the page creased where I had folded it over
to mark my page
twenty some years ago

I don’t remember the plot
but I know I’ve been here before

Haze in the lamplight
damp crisp air
a chill
leaves burning
smoke from a fire place

Composing poems
and phrases in my head
while I walk home

I never remember them
the next day

Getting used to the cold again
no hat yet
just red cheeks
and hands in pockets

My son smiling when he touches
the first powdering of snow
on the back steps

Cold he says and mock shivers
holding his arms
close to his chest

Cold this morning
my son woke up at four
my throat is scratchy

an old man pees next to
the off ramp at irving park

A young woman bobs her head
and mouths the words
to a song on the train

Coffee is not enough today

the year in poetry 2011


Geese tracks in the snow
this morning

Snow in the air

Last night
you smiled

When we gave you a bath

Things enjoyed today

My son’s smile and his proto-laugh
the smell of burning wood
the pattern of the dress
of the woman who walked in front of me
on the way to the train
tree branches

Clear night
basketball in the alley
plastic flapping in the wind

My son is four months old today

Sun out, birds and squirrels
slight smell of spring in the wind this morning

Yesterday – sun and warmth
kids in the playground in the park
the girl learning to box under the trees
warm, but no spring in the wind

Last night –

sitting in the wooden rocking chair
watching you change his diaper
you both smile at each other
in the lamp light

Meditation sitting at night

Breathing throughout the day
washing dishes
doing the laundry

Walking into the evening sun
swallowed up by the light
it’s cold
green shoots in the ground

A rusted can under a bush
the house on the corner
with peeling paint on the white window frames
and rotting wood swing behind the fence

In the park
a man and woman kiss
on the tennis court
rackets in hand

Two seagulls surrounded by robins
in the grass
sun through trees

I’m tired

Rain last night
hail and thunder
a lake in the street
holding my son while
looking out the kitchen window

The building by the hospital is being torn down
every day the steam shovel eats a little bit more

Today it’s gone
piles of rubble in the mist

Yesterday morning –
two geese on the sidewalk
blocking my path
large and silent

They take a few steps as I approach
surrounded by seagulls in the grass

Last night
reading on the train
eyes glued to the page
look out the window –

This morning
my son talking in bed next to me
trying to sleep
my hand on his chest
his hands grabbing my fingers
he smiles

He slept on me
over the weekend
in my arms
for an hour and a half
we sat on the couch
the sun was out

I couldn’t stop looking at him

My son’s laugh is beautiful
when I blow on his stomach
and he grabs my face

The lilies are closed in the morning
when I get my bike from the garage
sun, sweat, the kids at the park
coffee, lunch, the routine of work
and the lilies are open in the evening
when I return

The old women
drinking hot tea
from tiny cups
as ivy grows
up the bricks
covers windows
in the sweat hot
summer sun

Hot as fuck

Soccer in the park
an oven in the kitchen
all the food we have to make


After work
the day’s humidity reaches its peak
the cicadas follow suit
building to climax

My son and my partner
laugh on the floor in the other room
as I lower his bed six inches

She sings that she loves you
and you stop crying
while we get you ready for bed
and my heart breaks
with joy

At Lula. 8.30. Night.

He draws in a book
and then embarrassed
when a story is told
about him skating
and being a man

Blue sky and clouds
touch of metal in the air
blonde hair and blue jeans
he throws up on the sidewalk

He says
remind me never to eat
chicken alfredo

to his friend
as our paths intersect

Geese in the park
a small bumblebee flying
between spent flowers

The sun rising
music on the stereo
my son looking out the window
his back to me
a tiny leaf suspended
from an unseen thread
in the tree outside
it spins in the wind
I’m sitting on the floor
and all of this is part of me

the year in poetry 2010


our breath hangs in the air
in the morning sun
steam rises from the river
as we cross over the bridge
you are barely visible under scarves

riding my bike
flurries, red cheeks, nose bleeds
my eyes tearing in the cold
gray morning
the streets bleached white

sunday afternoon
january sun
ducks in the river in force
bloodied pigeon wings
open for flight on the sidewalk
clouds of breath
trees white under snow

frozen fog
a fine powder on the ground
trees all white
sun shining in the air
enchanted morning
illuminated air

snowing today
riding my bike through large flakes
the sound of my tires over fresh snow
wind in my ears
fog and slush on my glasses
I can barely see, but it’s warm
and I hear birds

purple gray sky half lit
with the glow of oncoming headlights
underneath it

silhouettes of buildings
three men speak Arabic
holding tiny Turkish coffee cups
on saucers outside ofthe restaurant

snow this morning
phantoms in the distance
the tree with all of its leaves
dried brown and shrunken
rasp like seed pod rattles
in the wind and snow

my feet plod heavy
disappearing under light powder

tracks from tires and other feet

whirl of stars in daylight
as I wait for the bus

seagulls over the abandoned warehouse
two workers in flannel shirts
holding a piece of wood over their shoulders
my heart beating fast

laying in bed last night
thinking about raising our child
while you slept at my side

this morning thunderstorms
my hands cold in the damp air
birds sing, my mind skips around

clock ticking
kids playing in the parking lot
breathe in, breathe out

cold again
mist this morning
damp and cold, gray sky
a morning bird sings
a three note minor melody

yesterday –

smell of pine outside the school
on my long walk home
in the shade – birds, song
waiting to meet my son

the heat thick with humidity
the apartment building just south of the park
surrounded by trees
like a palace
french doors look out onto sidewalks stained with mulberries

this morning –

rain in trees, leaves heavy
the long walk to the train
cool rain drops on my body
the park is empty
my heart is light

rain this morning
this summer is either hot as hell
or rainy and cool

haze of sun through trees
and after morning rain
flowers float in summer heat

in the cool morning
dry leaves blow across the grass
a man runs circles around the compass
in front of the pumping station

insect drone
walking to work
breeze through humid air
robins in the grass
searching for food

last night I dreamt we had our son
I held him and tickled his feet
making him laugh

This morning
gray light
clouds and a steady rain
small white moth flying
between leaves of grass

rain on my umbrella and my shins
pants rolled up
the quiet roar of raindrops on the leaves of the trees
in the park

last night
yoga, then felt our baby kick
while we held each other on the couch

clouds over the skyscrapers
lights glow along the river
umbrellas out
soft morning
cool air on skin

feet in the grass
cool breeze on skin
what will you look like?

fall approaching
the axis has tilted
and the sun is in my eyes
in the morning
while the old woman
waters her flowers with a hose

yoga last night
a surge of emotions
excitement and fear
happiness and the world heaved
as I lay on the floor on my back
in the dark
outside the moon obscured by clouds

sun this morning
clouds high and in straight lines
cool air, clean
and the smell of garlic

the old man sitting in the doorway
hunched over
hand on his knees
a ragged baseball cap
and a flock of magazines
blow through the street
under the train tracks

two geese honk in chorus
on a concrete pylon
they glide over the river
the homeless man wrapped in a blanket
along the river walk

yellow moon hangs low in the sky
the young couple kisses in polish
riding home on the train

what did you say
that night on the train
when you leaned in close
whispering French
in my ear
when I was sick
with love and fear

folding myself up into a lotus
cold morning
bruised light
a small centipede on the wall
breathing and counting

all the leaves on the ground
and the gang of geese
in the schoolyard
my hands are numb
in the November air
breathing and counting
alternates with our son
floating closer in my mind

the morning wrapped in
close grayness
crows caw caw in the bare trees
you are home
wrapped in bed
and our son sleeps with his mouth
quietly open

walking home carrying groceries
my feet crunch and squeak
on frozen snow
early evening black as night
I have to pee

and I think of that
childhood night at the house
of a friend in the country

the toilets broke
and we peed freely
off of the deck
into the black
summer night

he cries and cries
walking back and forth
through the living room
carrying him in my arms
my eyes shut
each step is a chore
falling asleep while standing up

night is interrupted
broken into three hour chunks
one hour of feeding and soothing
two hours of sleep

the sound of bison
heavy feet in the stairwell
otherwise silence
this early in the morning

the year in poetry 2009


Morning gray.
Almost june, still feels

Rainy and cool this morning
Sun peaking out and humid when I rode my bike
smells like water and grass

Cool and damp
puddles on the street
water drops on plants
splash me in the face on the arms
when I brush them


Cool breeze through window
light from lamp
legs stretched out
books on the coffee table
kids yelling outside

Dreamt that it was winter
that summer was gone

Erasing boxes in the morning
a pinch in my back
rattling in the vent

September, tall grass, sun
riding my bike through early morning wind
contemplating a baby

Steps up the back porch
a white flower blossom
a neon yellow lighter
evening in the air

Midnight late summer moon
the slope ofyour shoulder
the curve of your hips
against the street lit blinds

Summer night free jazz
sky stained by ink wash clouds
in this moment I am small

Mist morning on bike
leaves explode, birds chirp
an empty playground


On a footbridge over train tracks
trees on either side
gray clouds
wind blowing ripples in a puddle
reflecting a fence


A girl waving at my train
while waiting for her el
one station to another


Walking over the bridge on Lawrence
the trees
leaves on fire – red orange yellow
explode over the river
the white pumping station
its crumbling columns and pier
stained with water and time
gray sky and clouds

Rain gray skies
brown leaves on pavement
muted colors
winter smells in the wind
I remember what cold hurts like

Morning mist and rain
damp air against my skin
the girl waiting for the bus
the man smoking his cigar
smell of wet fall and gray light
I breathe

she skips and dances
when she’s been drinking
points her toes
legs straight
small leaps from toe to toe