bike riding

this is a shorty outtake from flotation device 12. i eventually took it out cuz i felt it didn’t add anything. and i didn’t want to contribute to the glut of zines that feature bike riding in them. and anyways, i’ve prolly already made my fair share of contributions to that glut anyways. on the bike riding note – i am looking forward to warm night bike rides again. tonight was one of the first of the year. so i’m especially stoked now!

One of my favorite things in the summer is to ride my bike late at night. Alone on the street only a few cars passing occasionally. Cool air. Sometimes heavy with humidity. But always cool and caressing after the heat of the day. The buildings pass by lazy. Trees that line the roads. Dark branches against dark night sky. Leaves green rustle whisper in the night breeze. Coming home from wherever I was. A show. A movie. A friend’s house. A diner. A bar. The city quiet for the night. Slowed down. Feeling like a hometown. A comfort zone. A pocket of safe from the world. Float and glide on rubber tires past mail boxes and street lights stoplights intersections. Cool air on my skin through my t shirt through my hair. My city. My town. My home. Trees overhead. Stars through the leaves and branches.

thirty. wisconsin.

i turned 30 back in october. for the occasion h and i went up to the middle of nowhere wisconsin for a few days. we stayed in a little cottage thing on a pond. it was righteous. it was nice and fallish. sunny on the first day. rainy on the second. and on the third. snow. hooray! these are a few pics of the great outdoors of mid wisconsin. i’ve been 30 for a month now. it’s not bad. kinda nice.


this is in the yard of the cabin. h took this one.


the cabin.


the pond.


the pond (photo by h)


the woods. flying saucer attack stylee photo by h.


from the car.


around the cabin.


from the car.


on the way home.


on the way home.


also from the car on the way home.


and so’s this one.

watering hole

here’s a rejected short one from flotation device 12.


9.30pm Monday night. Water seeping up through the pavement in the street in front of my house. The trees dark against the night sky the water a little stream. Artesian spring here in the city. The source of life. Bubbling out of concrete. Little birds gather to it. Flock to it. Squirrels visit. My own little watering hole. My own little nature microcosm. Right in front of my house. How long will it last?

How long until the pavement buckles and folds in on itself. Microlevel plate tectonics. How long until the ground underneath the pavement is eaten away. Erodes. How long until there’s a hollow underneath the pavement. How long until the pavement buckles and folds in on itself and falls into the sink hole. How long until the sink hole in front of my house.

Will there be a parked car. Little birds squirrels people. Will the little birds fly away. Will they know in advance. Like when real nature happens. Or will they not notice man made tectonics fault lines erosion. Man made nature.

Will the tree fall in the hole.

Will this Daley democratic machine city fix the problem before it happens. Will they shut down the little microcosm in front of my house. Or will it just happen. Will it even happen.