radio loways march 2015

01. Tina this is Mathew Stone – Prolapse
02. Casa Abandonada – Julieta Venegas
03. Untitled Duet – Albert Ayler
04. Asheed – Luke Vibert
05. Untitled – LuthPi
06. Easily Persuaded – Martha and the Vandellas
07. Matt-Alec – Melvins
08. A Little God in My Hands (To Be Kind) – Swans
09. Wake Up Dolores – Los Lobos

I have increasingly less to say about these Radio Loways things, for better or for worse. It’s harder to take the time or find the time to come up with some decent notes for this. I’d be a horrible dj.

Anyways, I kind of stumbled across Prolapse at some point and I don’t even remember when. Recently-ish. In the past few years. I kind of love them. I like that this one is an argument set to music.

I listened to Julieta Venegas a lot when I was in Guadalajara studying Spanish. Her album had just come out and she was all over the place. I really like , but I think bueninvento is even better. It has a little more edge to it. She’s a good one to listen to when you’re learning Spanish, cuz her lyrics are easy to sing along to.

This Untitled Duet totally surprised me cuz it sounds nothing like Albert Ayler. For one thing the guitar sounds like Sunn O))) or Earth or something. When it first came on, I thought it was some Arrington De Dionyso project or something until I saw what it was. Pretty awesome.

My note for Luke Vibert is that I love acid. Also, I saw him dj at an Aphex Twin show at the Vic I think. Many years ago. He was set up in a box seat off of stage left. I could see him a little bit in the dark.

Matt-Alec is the first song by the Melvins that I liked, there was some old footage of them doing this song on a cable access show on youtube like ten years ago that did it. Baby Melvins.

I like the idea of Los Lobos more than I like most of their music. But I checked out Kiko from the library when I was like 14 and both Kiko and Wake Up Dolores still haunt me in their way. They would be an awesome 7″.

Now that I finished writing that. That’s not too bad.


radio loways may 2014

01. editions of you – roxy music
02. tu turu turu tara tara – naheed akhtar
03. spear core – kaoru abe, motuharu yoshizawa, toshinori kondo, derek bailey
04. maus mobil – mouse on mars
05. no words / no thoughts – swans
06. el fandanguito – antonio garcía de león
07. fantastic freaks at the dixie – fantastic freaks
08. radiogig in torino/italy – the jist
09. clothed in the skin of the dead – colin stetson
10. the street and babe shadow – t. rex

radio loways

the songs that took my attention in may of 2014, listen, won’t you?

unhelpful notes

i didn’t get into roxy music until after i saw velvet goldmine by todd haynes. i had heard of them, and knew of their relation to eno and bowie and glam, etc. but it wasn’t until after i saw that movie that i investigated. and when i did, i was hooked. the first five albums are all solid, but my favorites are their first three i think. this is off their second and final with eno. after their fifth album they went on hiatus for the second half of the seventies. when they reformed, for my money, they were worthless. for the ultimate expression of editions of you, look up roxy music’s appearance on musiklaaden. oh, my. the fabulocity cannot be contained.

mouse on mars blew my mind when i heard them sometime in 1995 or 1996, i can’t remember which. it was on a cheesy techno comp called trance europe express. but i was into cheesy acidy trance at the time. the sounds were new to me and i was intrigued and fascinated. this song was easily the standout. there was something about the soundworld that these guys created. that sort of liquidy, bubbly action that is present through out. the dubby bass and drum sections. the mellowness of it. it’s a beautiful song. also – andi and jan (mouse on mars) are one of the most adorable live acts i’ve ever seen. the way they kind of climb all over each other while they stand in front of their machines and computers, twisting knobs, sliding faders, etc. they seemed so genuinely into what they were making. heads bobbing in time, smiling and looking at each other like – yeah, yeah, that’s awesome!

swans. massive. i didn’t like them when i first heard their earlier stuff back when i was in college and living with room mates. it gave me the same feeling as when i listened to big black. i just didn’t feel it. and i felt a little frustrated that i didn’t like it considering how much i had read about them and other bands that i liked liking them. sonic youth especially praised swans, so i thought well of course i’ll like them. but i didn’t. but then in the past year or so i listened to their newish post angels of light, let’s get the band back together stuff and i love it! it’s so good. droning massiveness. it’s like i needed them to age and mature and figure out their current sound so that i could get into them and then work my way backwards to understand a bit more what they were doing in the past.

hi. did you know i went to mexico one time. for five months. i did. while i was there i got into a lot of rock ish music from monterrey. but my favorite two purchases were a compilation of sones veracruzanos and an album by a group called son de madera of other sones veracruzanos. guadalajara – where i was living – is the birth place of mariachi, which i’m not a huge fan of. although i’m more into it when it’s one person and a guitar. it was ubiquitous though. even on the bus – individual musicians would get on and perform a song or two, busking, before getting off. on the radio at home however, i heard this music that caught my attention. the chords and the singing, the guitars, the instrumentation. the sound was beautiful and sad and joyful. kind of all at the same time. it mesmerized me. i investigated and learned that the music was a folk music from veracruz. and sadly for me at the time, veracruz is a long way from guadalajara.

that’s the jist, check them out!