i am a fan of nicki minaj. almost. she is crazy talented and for my ear preferences, if she stuck to doing bangers she would be unstoppable. but she continues to dabble in lite pop euro beat auto tune nonsense, which she is apparently into – and that’s cool, her prerogative etc. but i’m not a fan of that aspect of her music at all. and yet over the span of her three major label releases and a single she has put out one albums worth of amazingness. truly.

1. did it on ’em
2. blow ya mind
3. muny
4. roman holiday
5. come on a cone
6. i am your leader
7. hov lane
8. stupid hoe
9. i’m legit
10. the boys
11. roman in moscow

bonus tracks 12. the creep 13. nicki minaj’s verse on kanye’s “monster.” she easily destroys everyone else involved with this problematic hot mess of shit. easily. so there’s no reason to watch or listen to the rest of the video/song. thanks to uploader for editing everyone else out!

if this had been released as one album, my mind would’ve been blown. for real. real. fortunately we have playlisting technology. so you can go and listen to this album. word.