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hey chums. i’m trying out this link-dump/playlist making site. if yr interested you can go

here to listen to a set of music i was into in june.

or here to read all about chicago public schools/joke of a schoolboard and our asshole of a mayor closing 50 of schools.

or here to read/watch some science/general nerd awesomeness.

if wordpress allowed iframes, i would embed these things here. but they don’t, so i won’t. sadly.

karen lewis

“Whoever makes the rules has the advantage,” Lewis said. “You have to change the rules of the game, and so that’s where I have to throw in the ‘Star Trek’ piece, the Kobayashi Maru, where you have to go in and change the rules if you’re going to win.

“And that’s basically [what] we’ve done. We’ve operated Kobayashi Maru,” Lewis said, laughing.

i’m a fan of karen lewis and the current chicago teacher’s union leadership and actions. this is the icing on the cake!