reading, watching, listening

let’s get caught up. nerd stylee.

what i’ve been reading –

iggy pop: open up and bleed
by paul trynka. if you ever think you’ve made some bad decisions in yr life. read this. other people have made worse. every time you think, good god can it get worse for iggy? yes. yes it can.

uptight: the velvet underground story
by victor bockris.

bowie in berlin: a new career in a new town
 by thomas jerome seabrook. nerdy revelations revealed!

; and the cinnamon peeler both by michael ondaatje.

what i’ve been watching –

my winnipeg
by guy maddin. i love guy even more now that he’s revealed himself to be a labor loving, for the worker type. also, dude loves hockey. loves it. and aside from being an amazing director. he’s a genius with title cards.

by andrei tarkovsky. slow and awesome. as opposed to aranofsky’s the fountain which was slow and fucking boring! i’m still waiting for that plot to start.

some awesome kraut rock performances on dvd. why did kraftwerk ever become robots? they ruled with a flute. seriously.


fishing with john

and listening to –

pauline oliveros and joe mcphee – unquenchable fire.

tubeway army – replicas.

the ex – instant.

plastic crimewave sound – live at subterranean on june 21 2008. nick’s last show, which is sad. but it was a righteous show!

killer whales – live at pritzker pavillion on june 30 2008. a good lunch hour.

the partydowners – live at the empty bottle. fucking rock and roll party down! you call that a sport!


i came across this entry in my notebook from 8/28/05.

all these inspiring people and now the allure of poetry. that’s fucked. i must remain strong. i must maintain my staunch anti poetry stance but there’s always that allen ginsberg romance. these power words that invoke and evoke. make you feel something. make me feel something. poetry. shit ass junk poetry trite banal ridiculous and pompous arrogant poetry laughing at you. makes you start writing in the first place but in turn you turn on it realize it for what it is. a sham. a hoax. a myth. a catalyst. a springboard. inspiration. romance. see how that happened. hatred to romance all in a few lines. that’s the danger of it. that falseness. that deceit. refuse and reject poetry. coopt the images the iconography the messages but deny the medium. poetry.

what i find a little interesting is that i continued and continue to be drawn to the idea of poetry. even though i hate reading it generally. i’m drawn to this magic that i have attributed to it. but i always have had a soft spot in my heart for allen ginsberg, who i love. and right now i’m reading some of the books of poems that michael ondaatje has put out. but part of that is because i’m such a junkie for ondaatje and his prose and poetry aren’t all the different from each other – the main difference being where the line breaks and how the words are arranged on the page.