radio loways – october 2013

1. wishing well – terence trent d’arby
2. gesang der junglinge – karlheinz stockhausen
3. jack the ripper – link wray and the raymen
4. ca. viewing – erase errata
5. long life love – stereolab
6. mr. incognito – a tribe called quest
7. manhattan melody – lemon d
8. same old madness – ministry
9. damage – pottymouth
10. 53100 – cafe tacuba
11. helter skelter ’97 – meat beat manifesto
12. virus – microwaves
13. heavy 33 – verlaines
14. security – vijay iyer and mike ladd
15. my vag – awkwafina
16. amerika – idoli
17. zhong nan hai – carsick cars

october came and went, listen to it here!

the only note this time around is that for the longest time i thought that mr. incognito only existed in my fuzzy memory of being 19 and working at a gas station. one of my co-workers was a hip-hop skater kid and he would bring in all these mixtapes of hip hop that blew my mind. blew it! and so i heard this song for the first time on one of those tapes in a shitty boom box that sat on the shelf above the desk in our little office/bunker. i then spent the next five or so years trying to remember what the song was, but i could never remember it properly. then finally they released an album of b-sides etc and i found it! hooray! if i remember correctly this was also my first exposure to a tribe called quest in general. huzzah. thanks to ryan for that.

i guess i’ll also say, wishing well will always, always be the jam. i’m not sure why. but i think this song is great. also, i can never get enough mid 90’s drum and bass. manhattan melody, i’m looking at you. it was like this pinnacle of amazingness that existed for just a brief time before it moved on and evolved into other stylees, but it will never get old. i think. maybe it will. but not for me. word.

and yeah, that’s awkwafina. here’s her soundcloud and her facebook.