radio loways march 2015

01. Tina this is Mathew Stone – Prolapse
02. Casa Abandonada – Julieta Venegas
03. Untitled Duet – Albert Ayler
04. Asheed – Luke Vibert
05. Untitled – LuthPi
06. Easily Persuaded – Martha and the Vandellas
07. Matt-Alec – Melvins
08. A Little God in My Hands (To Be Kind) – Swans
09. Wake Up Dolores – Los Lobos

I have increasingly less to say about these Radio Loways things, for better or for worse. It’s harder to take the time or find the time to come up with some decent notes for this. I’d be a horrible dj.

Anyways, I kind of stumbled across Prolapse at some point and I don’t even remember when. Recently-ish. In the past few years. I kind of love them. I like that this one is an argument set to music.

I listened to Julieta Venegas a lot when I was in Guadalajara studying Spanish. Her album had just come out and she was all over the place. I really like , but I think bueninvento is even better. It has a little more edge to it. She’s a good one to listen to when you’re learning Spanish, cuz her lyrics are easy to sing along to.

This Untitled Duet totally surprised me cuz it sounds nothing like Albert Ayler. For one thing the guitar sounds like Sunn O))) or Earth or something. When it first came on, I thought it was some Arrington De Dionyso project or something until I saw what it was. Pretty awesome.

My note for Luke Vibert is that I love acid. Also, I saw him dj at an Aphex Twin show at the Vic I think. Many years ago. He was set up in a box seat off of stage left. I could see him a little bit in the dark.

Matt-Alec is the first song by the Melvins that I liked, there was some old footage of them doing this song on a cable access show on youtube like ten years ago that did it. Baby Melvins.

I like the idea of Los Lobos more than I like most of their music. But I checked out Kiko from the library when I was like 14 and both Kiko and Wake Up Dolores still haunt me in their way. They would be an awesome 7″.

Now that I finished writing that. That’s not too bad.


radio loways – november december 2014 spectacular!

the songs that took my attention in november and december of 2014. listen, won’t you?

01. andar conmigo – julieta venegas
02. friend catcher – the birthday party
03. nemoj/pečati – disciplina kičme
04. armagh – the au pairs
05. dance apocalyptic – janelle monae
06. all of us – devo
07. spooky – skinny girl diet
08. end of the world – anika
09. ponerte en cuatro – los amigos invisibles
10. the queen is dead – bambu
11. pussy kills – rocky rivera
12. gordon – aylu
13. fungle junk – dj food
14. eu vou torcer – jorge ben

bonus track –

15. htr1a – conquering animal sound

unhelpful notes –

andar conmigo – this song was blowing up all over the radio and music tv stations in mexico when i did my stint in guadalajara. many years ago. for some reason it clicked with me. there was a rolling stone interview with her at the time where she said something like – yeah, i’m corny, so what. that’s kinda how i feel about this album. the sound is right on.

i give you armagh, well the au pairs give it to you, but i present it here to give a shout out to the release of the united states’ torture report. or here’s the wikipedia.

i’ve played janelle monae on here before. i think she rules. pop perfection action.

i’ve loved devo since i was wee. very wee. and a friend gave me a tape of hardcore devo volume 1. then i went out and got hardcore devo volume 2. and this song is on that one. it’s really good. it’s kind of crazy to me how different devo were when they started out. this sort of art punk proto industrial primitive noise outfit with lots of wink wink irony. and then they fully transformed into eighties new wave dance pop. and while i know their schtick transitioned into subvert from the inside, i wish they had continued down their original path. at least for a bit longer. i once wrote devo on the back of every chair in one of my high school english class rooms. did i tell that already?

speaking of right on sound – the sound of skinny girl diet’s cover of spooky is fucking. right. on. that bass is so good. and the whole recording is warm. fabs.

and speaking of corny. los amigos invisibles. pure corn. vendors of corn. corn merchants. corny pop. pop corn? yes! ponerte en cuatro is pop corn.

and that’s about all i have to say.

that is rocky rivera down there, go visit her site here