yellow card

September 24, 2015

Walking home after work. From the train and past the park. Under the arches of low branch trees. On the other side of the fence little kids in soccer class. Five against five. Girls and boys. The coach yells ten seconds! And begins to count down. One goalkeeper blocks the ball, prevents the goal. It falls to her teammate. A little boy who kicks the ball long as the coach counts one. That ball flies into the corner of the opposite goal, past the other team’s goalkeeper, who had already stopped playing. Not expecting a last second shot. The kids go wild. The goal scorer pulls off his jersey and runs around the small field, twirling it above his head. Screaming and yelling.

thirty. wisconsin.

i turned 30 back in october. for the occasion h and i went up to the middle of nowhere wisconsin for a few days. we stayed in a little cottage thing on a pond. it was righteous. it was nice and fallish. sunny on the first day. rainy on the second. and on the third. snow. hooray! these are a few pics of the great outdoors of mid wisconsin. i’ve been 30 for a month now. it’s not bad. kinda nice.


this is in the yard of the cabin. h took this one.


the cabin.


the pond.


the pond (photo by h)


the woods. flying saucer attack stylee photo by h.


from the car.


around the cabin.


from the car.


on the way home.


on the way home.


also from the car on the way home.


and so’s this one.