fire needles

sharon needles

last week was a fabulous week as both my teams won! first, sharon needles won drag race and then the fire beat chivas usa!


as much as i loved chad michaels and latrice royale, i was totally stoked for sharon! her drag stylee is amazing – it sometimes features cthulu realness. for real. start watching her performances on youtube and prepare to be sucked in. actually watch latrice and chad’s performances too. i will also admit that i didn’t get the pun of sharon’s name until like the final three episodes. i was a little slow on that i guess.

the fire game was pretty awesome from start to finish, and featured an amazing team effort goal in the last seconds of stoppage time. puppo, robayo (with a fake) and ultimately pappa!


plus, this is one reason why i love reading soccer blogs…

Chivas USA is similar to the Fellowship of the Ring running away from a Balrog in the Lord of the Rings series. The only being preventing the Balrog from ripping the Fellowship to shreds is Gandalf the Gray. Chivas USA’s goalkeeper Dan Kennedy plays the role of Gandalf while his teammates are rather helpless on occasion.

they speak my language. reading that almost made me cry.