three for chalupny

lori chalupny just announced her retirement from professional soccer. she was a massive part of the red stars team. she did a ton for women’s soccer in general. she wasn’t flashy, but she was instrumental in midfield organization and creating chances for others and scoring and defending and being a captain. she was a silent sort of player who just went about her job, did her best and gave everything at all times. always. a heart on sleeve wearer. playing with passion and integrity and class. doing whatever needed to be done.

this doesn’t come as a huge surprise since she announced her retirement from the national team earlier this year. but i was still hoping she’d stay on for one more season with the red stars. oh well. you can read more details here.

massive thanks to lori for everything she’s done and will continue to do for women’s soccer! and for being an awesome person! without further ado, here are three captains for our outgoing captain. godspeed!