awesome interview with kathleen hanna

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just came across this righteous interview with kathleen hanna of bikini kill and le tigre. she’s donating some of her personal materials to nyu’s fales library. as she says on her blog

My papers will become a small part of a larger Riot Grrrl Archive that will allow scholars to access the good, the bad and the ugly as related to 90’s punk rock feminism. It is my secret dream that people who were actually involved will use the collection as a jump off point to write their own books, make their own documentaries etc…I feel pretty giddy about the whole thing.

pretty awesome! i’m stoked about this because one of the main reasons i got into the library/archival arts was my interest in documenting, preserving, and archiving traditionally undocumented communities, art, movements, etc. and i’m way glad that this is starting to happen at more and more repositories.

the video talks about role modelness, feminism, some of her experiences playing with bikini kill, etc…

ps. you should also check out the online bikini kill archive blog.

san francisco

sorry for the delay in updating. h and i were off in san francisco for an archives conference. and more importantly for food and record shopping. got to try indonesian food and burmese food which both ruled. there was also an awesome japanese restaurant that i’m sworn to secrecy about. we got to go to three record stores – amoeba of course, as well as rasputin – which was down the street from our hotel, and aquarius – which might possibly be the world’s nerdiest record store. tons of music and h and i had hardly heard of any of them. nerdy experimental psych noise action. which is definitely music that’s outside of my sphere of knowledge, although h knows more about it than i do. but aquarius schooled us. awesome!

i also got to see an exhibit of joan miro prints at a gallery that was on my way back to the hotel. it was a fancy pants richy rich gallery, but they were open to the public for free, which was nice. the prints were way awesome. etchings and lithographs. the colors were amazing. i tend to be drawn to artists that use a lot of strong color. i think it’s because of my color blindness. that my eyes and brain appreciate strong strong color.

we also got to go to giant robot and an awesome art store/gallery called parklife. they had this way righteous exhibition of paintings of jazz musicians called other rooms/other songs by ian johnson. we were stoked and wished we could afford some of the paintings. but we settled on the exhibition catalog and a print by deth p sun. the store was a surprise. we had no idea it existed but wandered over there while waiting for burma super star to open up for dinner. we were way glad we went there though.

other than that we were busy with conference sessions. and i went on walks. anyways. here’s some pictures i took with my new polaroid – my dumb phone. hooray! san francisco is a cool place. but i could never afford to live there. drag. now i gotta run to work.