i was captured by robots

April 2010

Before the show, E and I met up for dinner at Lindo Michoacan. Burritos. Enchiladas. Talk of circuits. Recording. Sound manipulation. Killing time until J was ready to go the show. Not able to tell E about H being pregnant. Not able to tell anyone yet. On the tip of my tongue. But still a secret.

In the car with J and V. Their cigarettes burning, smoke filling the back seat. Windows cracked. Rain coming in. Spring night in Chicago.

4 or 5 bands playing that night. Might as well be 4 or 5 hundred bands. The opening bands all varying degrees of awful. We tried to miss the first band but came in half way through their set. Made up like raggedy-ann. Striped tights. Ridiculous pippi pigtails. Goth lite mixed with new wave cheese. We stomached a song before retreating to the bar in the other room. Surrounded by sports tvs. A jazz band setting up. Saxophone. Electric bass. Drums. Keyboard. They started playing safe jazz. Slightly better than goth lite. Continue reading “i was captured by robots”