the year in poetry 2011


Geese tracks in the snow
this morning

Snow in the air

Last night
you smiled

When we gave you a bath

Things enjoyed today

My son’s smile and his proto-laugh
the smell of burning wood
the pattern of the dress
of the woman who walked in front of me
on the way to the train
tree branches

Clear night
basketball in the alley
plastic flapping in the wind

My son is four months old today

Sun out, birds and squirrels
slight smell of spring in the wind this morning

Yesterday – sun and warmth
kids in the playground in the park
the girl learning to box under the trees
warm, but no spring in the wind

Last night –

sitting in the wooden rocking chair
watching you change his diaper
you both smile at each other
in the lamp light

Meditation sitting at night

Breathing throughout the day
washing dishes
doing the laundry

Walking into the evening sun
swallowed up by the light
it’s cold
green shoots in the ground

A rusted can under a bush
the house on the corner
with peeling paint on the white window frames
and rotting wood swing behind the fence

In the park
a man and woman kiss
on the tennis court
rackets in hand

Two seagulls surrounded by robins
in the grass
sun through trees

I’m tired

Rain last night
hail and thunder
a lake in the street
holding my son while
looking out the kitchen window

The building by the hospital is being torn down
every day the steam shovel eats a little bit more

Today it’s gone
piles of rubble in the mist

Yesterday morning –
two geese on the sidewalk
blocking my path
large and silent

They take a few steps as I approach
surrounded by seagulls in the grass

Last night
reading on the train
eyes glued to the page
look out the window –

This morning
my son talking in bed next to me
trying to sleep
my hand on his chest
his hands grabbing my fingers
he smiles

He slept on me
over the weekend
in my arms
for an hour and a half
we sat on the couch
the sun was out

I couldn’t stop looking at him

My son’s laugh is beautiful
when I blow on his stomach
and he grabs my face

The lilies are closed in the morning
when I get my bike from the garage
sun, sweat, the kids at the park
coffee, lunch, the routine of work
and the lilies are open in the evening
when I return

The old women
drinking hot tea
from tiny cups
as ivy grows
up the bricks
covers windows
in the sweat hot
summer sun

Hot as fuck

Soccer in the park
an oven in the kitchen
all the food we have to make


After work
the day’s humidity reaches its peak
the cicadas follow suit
building to climax

My son and my partner
laugh on the floor in the other room
as I lower his bed six inches

She sings that she loves you
and you stop crying
while we get you ready for bed
and my heart breaks
with joy

At Lula. 8.30. Night.

He draws in a book
and then embarrassed
when a story is told
about him skating
and being a man

Blue sky and clouds
touch of metal in the air
blonde hair and blue jeans
he throws up on the sidewalk

He says
remind me never to eat
chicken alfredo

to his friend
as our paths intersect

Geese in the park
a small bumblebee flying
between spent flowers

The sun rising
music on the stereo
my son looking out the window
his back to me
a tiny leaf suspended
from an unseen thread
in the tree outside
it spins in the wind
I’m sitting on the floor
and all of this is part of me

world cup 2011

three things i loved about this year’s world cup.

1. marta scoring the second goal against the us in the quarter finals. this is a crappy video, but the goal was awesome. in general i thought this game kind of sucked. brazil played cynically, as they call it – excessively trying to draw fouls, lots of diving and acting. the us wasn’t all that convincing in this one either. their first goal was due to an error by the brazilian defense – they actually scored on themselves. their second goal was pretty phenomenal however. and to top it all off, horrendous calls by the referee. just wretched.


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