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An Unkindness of Ghosts – Rivers Solomon
Best Show Ever – Alyssa Giannini, editor
The Star Fish – Martha Grover
Grapefruit – Yoko Ono
Phases of the Moon 5 and 6 – Stacey-Marie Piotrowski
The Heart of the Universe – Mu Soeng
When I Arrived at the Castle – Emily Carroll
All-Star Superman – Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
Monk – Youssef Daoudi
The Beginning Place – Ursula K. Le Guin
Awesome Things #3 and Caboose #13 – Liz Mason
How to Survive the Portland Winter and Somnambulist #26 – Martha Grover
Sir, Is This Love? – Liz Yerby
is stronger than death – Sharon McKellar
Ker-Bloom! 149, 150, and 151 – Artnoose
Cat Party #6 – Katie Haegele, editor
Xerography Debt 50 – David Breier, editor
Planet on Fire: A Manifesto for the Age of Environmental Breakdown -Mathew Lawrence and Laurie Laybourn-Langton
Pieces 11, 14, 15 – Nichole Baiel
Wake: The Hidden History of Women-led Slave Revolts – Rebecca Hall
The Magic Fish – Trung Le Nguyen
Leeking Ink 33, 34, 35 – Davida Breier
We Do This Til We Free Us – Mariame Kaba
Wanderer 7 – Alyssa Giannini
The Thread 15 – Rachel Lee Carman


Home of the Brave – Laurie Anderson
Sisters with Transistors – Lisa Rovner
Monterey Pop and Shake! – D.A. Pennebaker
Festival – Murray Lerner
Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives – Mariposa Film Group
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
The Celluloid Closet – Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
Female Trouble – John Waters
Bernice Bobs Her Hair – Joan Macklin Silver
Say Amen, Somebody and No Maps On My Taps – George T. Nierenberg
The French – William Klein
A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China – Philip Haas
I’ll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You’ll Become – Sky Hopinka
with it which it as it if it is to be Part II – Eve Fowler
Mayor – David Osit
Top Spin – Sara Newens and Mina T. Son
Storme: The Lady of the Jewel Box, Odds and Ends, ..But Then, She’s Betty Carter – Michelle Parkerson
Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klimt – Halina Dyrschka
Star Trek – JJ Abrams
Drag Race All Stars
Self Portrait – Maria Lassnig
Lil Picard, Art is a Party – Silvianna Goldsmith
Sno-white (Crimson) – Martha Edelheit
Plumb Line – Carolee Schneeman
Depot – Susan Brockman
Circles II – Doris Chase
Wings of Thought – Olga Spiegel
Parallax – Rosalind Schneider
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and Invention for Destruction – Karel Zeman
The Giverny Document – Ja’tovia Gary
Clockwatchers – Jill Sprecher
The End of Suffering (a proposal) – Jacqueline Ientzou
Wigstock – Barry Shils


Four Meditations for Orchestra – Pauline Oliveros
Echo – Dave Burrell
I Promise Never to get Paint on my Glasses Again – Clouddead
The Doors, Strange Days, Morrison Hotel, Waiting for the Sun, LA Woman – The Doors
Ecstatic Computation – Caterina Barbieri
Rid of Me – PJ Harvey
Challenge for a Civilized Society – Unwound
Emperor Tomato Ketchup – Stereolab
Axes’ and No Shouts No Calls – Electrelane
Walking with Thee – Clinic
so addictive and Under Construction – Missy Elliot
Neu 1 and Neu 2 – Neu!
Psychic Psummer and Neverendless – Cave
ANTI – Rihanna
13 – Lee Hazlewood
Each One, Teach One – Oneida
When I Get Home – Solange
– The Ex
Everything is Beautiful – Princess Nokia
Replicas – Gary Numan
Q Are We Not Men? – Devo
Last Splash – The Breeders
Dub Housing and The Modern Dance – Pere Ubu
Dreamtime – Tom Verlaine
Live in Bergen – Avant Joik
Sznz – Mother Nature and Boathouse
#2 – Conatus
Ex Voto – Djunah

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