radio free jp – may 2019

I’m now calling this project Radio Free JP. We’ll see how long that lasts. So, here’s some of the music that caught my ear in May of 2019. Listen, won’t you?

Luau – Drive Like Jehu
Morbid Abakus – Yugen Blakrok
Jelly Tits Everywhere – Ewa Justka
Missy Knows What’s Up – Jayda G
Delirium (Don’t Follow the Sheep) – Computer Magic
Red Dragonfly – Makoto Kawashima
I Love You Too – Rainer Maria
Chewbaca – Supernova
Walnuss – Gurr
Peng! 33 – Stereolab
Wheelz of Steel – OutKast
Any Old Time of Day – Dionne Warwick
Changes – Jimi Hendrix
Beasts Only Die to Be Born – Zu Vs. Mats Gustafsson
The Holy Mountain – The Flying Luttenbachers
Midnight Cowboy – Faith No More
Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix) – Boards of Canada
Thinking of You – Sister Sledge

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