what we did and how we did it

January 4 – February 29, 2016

Lego Batman 2 was played.
Unseasonably warm winter days. The new normal?
Trips to the park and the library.
Took my bike in for an overhaul of a tune up.
We went to see a musical of Pinocchio. Our son was enamored.
A panic attack. The first in just over a year.
Our nephew was born. My partner went to see him.
David Bowie died.
Brunch with my sister’s family.
A parent/teacher conference.
Played music with Alex.
An attempt at a circus class. We tried. Five times.
Played music with others.
Visits to the therapist.
Lego Batman 2 was put on indefinite hiatus.

December 14th, 2015 through January 3, 2016

Took down the Christmas decorations. Picked up the house.
Ice skating at the indoor rink in Skokie. Our son’s first attempt at learning and my first attempt at teaching. Most impressed with his desire to keep trying in the face of frustration.
A party at our friends’ apartment. We stayed until almost nine in the evening. With children no less.
Shoveled and painted the snow with some sort of color in a bottle.
Brookfield Zoo with my son and my parents. The grizzly bear slapping at the glass near thee child was the highlight. Hot dog and treats was a close second.
My partner’s birthday.
Took my son to the Art Institute for the first time. He was fairly interested. I thought it would be funner, he said. He did like the armor and swords, the videos and some of the masks in the African room, some of the sculptures.
A tour of my partner’s office/library with thee child. Then lunch afterwards.
Morton Arboretum for the lights at night.
Watched Swansea play Crystal Palace on Boxing Day.
Christmas. The ensuing assembling and playing of Christmas toys.
Christmas Eve at my parents’ house.
The Botanic Garden for lights and the holiday train extravaganza.
Decorated cookies with my son at his daycare.
Lego Batman 2 was played.

December 7th through 13th, 2015

The annual Chicago archivists pizza party.
A visit with the therapist.
Avoided the annual work Christmas party.
Mellow holiday get-together at our friend’s house. Cookies, booze, harmonica, whoopie cushion.
Hanging out at Barnes and Noble with my son.
Puzzles, games, legos, painting also with my son.
My partner finished her digital curation semester.
Lego Batman 2 was played.

November 24th through December 6th, 2015

Went to Wilson Park with my son. He rode his bike. He played with some of the neighborhood kids.
Out to Oswego for our niece’s 2nd birthday party.
My partner and son went to Fresh Picks and Target while I dozed with cold on the couch.
Took my son to the doctor for his annual appointment.
Set up christmas tree. Threw out halloween pumpkins.
Ate chinese food from down the street.
Improvised spaceships constructed out of Duplos.
Forts constructed out of couch cushions in the family room.
The first half of Star Wars Episode IV was watched. To be finished, sometime.
Thanksgiving at my parent’s in Woodstock.
Lego Batman 2 was played.

November 2nd through 23rd

Soccer classes.
The furnace was cleaned.
A birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Hardware store for furnace air filters.
Played music.
Visits to the therapist.
Drinks with co-workers at Three Dots and a Dash.
The furnace motor was cleaned.
A birthday party at Jump Zone followed by a birthday party at a house.
Brunch with friends.
A funeral for my great aunt in Sycamore.
Set up a stationary bike stand thing for my bike in the basement.
My son turned five.
My partner’s parents visited us.
A birthday party at our house for our son.
Last soccer class of the session was parents on the field day. So, played soccer with my son at about my preferred level of skill/speed.
Helped build new lego sets with my son. A Mystery Machine, a Batman jet-copter thing.
Lego Batman 2 was played.

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