what we did and how we did it

September 14th through 20th, 2015

A visit to the therapist.
Picked M up from school early so H could go out with a friend.
Birthday weekend. On Saturday morning a party at Jump Zone for a friend from my son’s new school. In the afternoon a party at a gymnastics studio for a friend from my son’s old school. In between time killed at Barnes and Noble. Sunday. Soccer class at noon. The whole family over for my dad’s birthday party in the afternoon.

September 8th through 13th, 2015

Earth and Disappears at Bohemian National Cemetery.
My son’s soccer class.
Friends from library school over for dinner.
My son’s friend over for a play date.
A band practice that didn’t happen because no one showed up.
The Red Stars NWSL semi final that was broadcast on tv. They lost.
Lego Batman was played.

September 1st through 7th, 2015

Taste of Polonia at the Copernicus Center with my son. Expensive carny games and ice cream cones.
The library, also with my son. Puzzles and giant blocks and books.
Target and then a Chicago Red Stars game at Toyota Park. Last of the season. 100 degree heat.
Friends over for pizza and then an inflatable sprinkler deal in the back yard.
Lego Batman was played.
Grocery store.
My feet hurt and my intestines hurt. Laid on the couch for much of Labor Day evening.

August 24th through 31, 2015

Assembled two dressers, two chairs from Ikea.
Mowed the lawn, trimmed the yard.
Grocery store.
Lego Batman was played.

August 17th through 23rd, 2015

Chicago Red Stars game against Western New York Flash. In Lisle. Whole family.
Put together our son’s bed.
Dinner with my parents and niece – easy cookout stylee. Hamburgers, hot dogs, tofu. Yummy corn she said. A lot.
Ikea. For a new bed for our son, dressers, chairs for the living room.
I started going to the gym to run and do resistance training.
A trip to the eye doctor.

August 1st through 16th, 2015

A birthday party at Little Kickers for our son’s friend.
A play date at Portage Park. Our son with his friends J and A.
Played music with Sarah and Matt. Improvising.
Chicago Red Stars game against FC Kansas City. In Lisle. Just H and I. Dinner at a German restaurant in Lisle beforehand.
Our son spent the night at his grandparent’s house. First time overnight without us.

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