new york march 2014

A small office in Manhattan
gilded age elevators
and dingy hallway
a working office

Sun through canyons
chill air
and gyros and shwarma
over rice

A flash of art
hurried pace
but inspirations from
my teenage years

de Chirico

Blisters on my toes
new shoes
walking back to the hotel

A group of Russian women
in furs
paying for their rooms
in cash

Elevators that never
take you to your floor
old and fancy
small rooms
black and white

Lay on the bed and order food

The pharmacy
a few blocks away
hoping for best
but they only have shit

in the dark
bike lanes
people off to shows
coming from work

Waiting for Indian food
and then
walking back to the hotel
and eating
Indian food
spread out on the floor

A documentary about
David Geffen on tv
nothing else
read a book
talk to my partner and son
he cries
daddy come home


Read a book
and fall asleep

This is a
beautiful city
old upon old

The bridges spanning skies

Massive stone bridges
old construction
swallowed by new construction
gray and monolith

Parks and buildings built into bluffs
ancient stone bridges and viaducts
crumbling and gated off
Massive seawalls with doors
looking out over the highway
holding the earth back

Out through the Bronx
out through Yonkers
trees with dried hanging moss
wisps like mist

The river and more bluffs
driving into the interior
a small building on a tiny island
in the middle of a stream

Winding our way
through Sleepy Hollow
for a meeting and a tour

Then the same car trip
in reverse
back to the airport

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