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over the past few days i’ve been thinking of which guitar players have influenced my own guitar playing and ear. either through a sound, or a style of playing, or a tone, or something. here they are presented roughly in order of when i first heard them. i’m putting this out there, just to purge it from my mind. look them up, listen to their music, read about them.

bo diddley (specifically the bo diddley rhythm)

andrew farriss / tim farriss

jerry harrison / david byrne

vernon reid

east bay ray

thurston moore

kim deal

pj harvey

d. boon

tim gane / sean o’hagan

bob mothersbaugh / bob casale

john maclean

carrie brownstein

sonny sharrock

derek bailey

christina billotte

terrie ex / andy moor

pat place

michael karoli

tutu shoronmu / segun edo / okalue ojeah / oghene kologbo

special shout out to prince for the chord he hits just before he yells …kiss!

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    1. she’s an awesome guitar player too! for whatever reason i just never got as influenced by her stylee. just like the women of sleater-kinney, who are some more of my favorite guitar players of all time. also – hooray, yr still looking at this blog!

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