radio loways – december 2013

1. hor gorme garibi – erkin koray
2. cambridge 1969 2007 – yoko ono (remixed by flaming lips)
3. deep calleth unto deep – caroline lucas
4. nh 11 – elisabeth harnik, isabelle duthoit, emmanuel cremer
5. swim swim – ben lamar
6. oh my goodness – gnucci
7. goodie goodies – cakes da killa
8. estrellas místicas – triangulo de amor bizarro
9. bad aptitude – six finger satellite
10. live at cafe oto (excerpt) – thurston moore, alex ward
11. the illusion of love – skip skip ben ben
12. broken piano ii – anais tuerlinckx
13. انا مش سيجارة – myam mahmoud
14. it’s all too much – the beatles

have a listen here! thanks!

very unhelpful notes – cambridge 1969 by yoko ono is originally found on unifinshed music no. 2 with john lennon. at the end john tchicai and john stevens join. so that’s the percussion and sax that you hear. the flaming lips remix always sounds like they are also remixing v2 schneider by david bowie.

i’m always a sucker for organ drone pieces and the organ on this one kind of has a steve reich tone to it.

ben lamar is from chicago and is real good – his soundcloud.

not only is goodie goodies an awesome song, but dig that video! how good does that look?

six finger satellite is one of my all time favorite bands. and one of my all time favorite shows. at the fireside bowl in chicago back when i was in college. so. many. years. ago. now.

did you know that the vinyl that the thurston moore/alex ward track comes from retails for $100. it’s a fundraiser. for a venue. yikes! did you know thurston apparently lives in london now? true?

anais tuerlinckx is serving xenakis realness and it’s amazing!

myam mahmoud’s track انا مش سيجارة translates to i am not a cigarette.

hard to say, but it’s all too much might be the greatest beatles song of all time. truth.

the picture above is cakes da killa and if you click here you’ll go to his soundcloud where you can hear a bunch more music. aces!

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