radio loways september 2013

1. minnesoter – the dandy warhols
2. one way spit – debris
3. cinnamon girl – neil young
4. la marca – juana molina and alejandro franov
5. i see, i say – ebony bones
6. shimmy shimmmy ya – el michels affair
7. martin’s funeral – badfoot brown & the bunions bradford funeral & marching band (bill cosby)
8. holderness – joseph holbrooke trio
9. shapes in space – lungfish
10. new york maze – sunny murray’s untouchable factor
11. seen not heard – unwound
12. title unknown – priests
13. omaggio a giacinto scelsi – gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza
14. all the blowing-themselves-up-motherfuckers – julian cope

listen here!

a few notes

i’ve officially listened to just about all of neil young’s discography, and while i recognize is talent and how much people love him, for my ears he’s got like four really good songs. cinnamon girl is one of them.

i first heard that juana molina/alejandro franov song when my spanish teacher in college gave me a burned cd of it. apparently it was a fancy-pants artist book type special edition limited release type thing with cool packaging. i never saw it. i always wish i had.

the album by el michels affair that shimmy shimmy ya comes off of is totally kicking my ass these days. it’s kind of like those blue note style wu-tang album covers finally got an actual release. awesomely awesome.

on new york maze, that’s monette sudler destroying the guitar. i’ve heard her play in this stylee before and want more. anyone know if there’s more? i know her first solo album is much more chill and “in the tradition.” unfortunately for me.

ps, that’s priests. check them out here.

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