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cosmos – carl sagan
the founders of america – francis jennings
the middle ground: indians, empires, and republics in the great lakes region, 1650-1815 – richard white
french roots in the illinois country: the mississippi frontier in colonial times – carl j ekberg
the hundred thousand kingdoms – n.k. jemisin
inverted world – christopher priest
desolation road – ian mcdonald
aurorarama – jean-christophe valtat
land of big rivers: french and indian illinois 1699-1778 – m.j. morgan
a house in bali – colin mcphee
perfecting sound forever – greg milner

drag race season 4 – sharon needles! latrice royale! chad michaels! yes!
battle star galactica – we will never finish this.
this will have been art love politics in the 1980’s – at the mca. awesome, awesome show!
moonrise kingdom – wes anderson. we finally saw a movie! in the theater! it’s only been two years, the last one was scott pilgrim. whoa! but this movie ruled. so good. like wes anderson finally moved a bit forward in his art.

vision soundings – malcolm goldstein
sho cosmos – mayumi miyata
shikwa jawab’e shikwa – aziz mian
un uomo da rispettare – ennio morricone
the cassette chronicles – nitty scott mc
omens – monarch!
willi the pig – john tchicai/irene schweitzer
school children and the cosmo – tricot
asshole savant – running

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