reading watching listening


el capitán alatriste – arturo pérez-reverte
the passion – jeanette winterson
the book of the short sun – gene wolfe
as serious as your life – valerie wilmer
rocannon’s world – ursula k le guin
planet of exile – ursula k le guin
city of illusions – ursula k le guin
the left hand of darkness – ursula k le guin
the word for world is forest – ursula k le guin
john coltrane: his life and music – lewis porter
the ladies of grace adieu and other stories – susanna clarke
improvisation: its nature and practise in music – derek bailey

universal consciousness/lord of lords – alice coltrane
electric ascension – rova orkestrova
oeuvres pour choeur et orchestre – giacinto scelsi
electric ladyland and band of gypsies – jimi hendrix
music from two basses – dave holland and barre phillips
mover ever onward – brother ah
one up one down live at the half note – john coltrane
black sheep – julian cope
lux and guider– disappears
christine abdelnour
geechee recollections/sweet earth flying – marion brown
silver year – shoppers
s/t – tony oxley/derek bailey quartet

battlestar galactica (still)
rocky horror picture show (halloween night)
skratchcon 2000
(one night of) umbrella festival 2011 (this was my first show in a year! saw the franz hautzinger group (franz hautzinger, nick butcher, dave rempis) and the hans peter pfammatter trio (keefe jackson, hans peter pfammatter, jason roebke) hooray!)

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  1. I have been listening to the Black Atlantic lately, but Raoul said they are a little too sleepy for him. I am also reading my friend’s zine called Miss Sequential. It is really good and I wanna do a split with her.

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