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enrique joven – el castillo de las estrellas
susanna clarke – jonathan strange and mr norrel
john crowley – little, big
gene wolfe – the fifth head of cerberus
timothy pauketat – cahokia: ancient america’s great city on the mississippi
christopher and jrr tolkien – the war of the ring: the history of the lord of the rings, part three – the history of middle-earth, vol 8
octavia butler – xenogenesis
charlotte joko beck – everyday zen


nikki lynette – roses and guns
moonrises – coach house sessions
six finger satellite – machine cuisines companion cassette
white lung – white lung
bride of no no –b.o.n.n. apetit
monarch! – mer morte
this heat – s/t, deceit, etc.
pharoah sanders – tauhid
aphrodite’s child – 666
mountains – mountains
emergency – live in copenhagen
pärson sound – pärson sound
the melvins – gluey porch treatments (i am indeed way late to this party, but holy shit, this album is awesome!)


the runaways
arrested development
mighty boosh
battlestar galactica
women’s world cup 2011

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