Best of 2010, in no particular order

1. Rhys Chatham, Bill Orcutt, John Wiese at MCA Chicago.
2. Sharing my life with my partner, H. The most amazing and strongest person I’ve ever known. And this sentiment only grows every day.
3. Our son, M.
4. Meeting everyone in our birth class.
5. Chris DeVito (editor) – Coltrane on Coltrane.
6. Gene Wolfe – The Book of the New Sun.
7. Yoga.
8. Meditation class. Interrupted by M. To be continued in 2011.
9. Playing music with Alex as Catholic Witches.
10. The Necks and Vox Arcana at Empty Bottle. A 7pm show and hardly anyone was in attendance. Like being in someone’s living room.
11. A new job and full time.
12. Writing.
13. H’s sister’s wedding.
14. Last date before parentage? – Jazz Record Mart, dinner and cocktails at Sable.
15. Playing with H in Sky Event.
16. Post-shower dinner at Marie’s pizza with friends and the old man trio serenading us.
17. Matsuo Basho – The Complete Haiku.
18. Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen Keys.
19. Tomeka Reid, Mazz Swift, Silvia Bolognesi – live at Chicago Cultural Center.
20. Hiroshi Teshigahara – Woman in the Dunes.
21. Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. About fucking time.
22. Daley decides to step down. About fucking time.
23. Spending time with friends and family.

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