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it’s been a long time. so what say we get caught up nerd stylee. here’s some stuff i’ve been into lately.

michael chabon the amazing adventures of kavalier and klay
gene wolfe book of the new sun
carlos ruiz zafon la sombra del viento
arturo perez reverte el club dumas
kosho uchiyama opening the hand of thought
robert aitken taking the path of zen
lilli carré 9 ways to disappear

vera chytilov√° daisies
rainer werner fassbinder the marriage of eva braun
30 rock
akira kurosawa yojimbo
hiroshi teshigahara woman in the dunes

arthur doyle live in japan with takashi mizutani and sabu toyozumi.
luc ferrari. interrupteur, tautologos 3 and acousmatrix #3 electronic works
muhal richard abrams, roscoe mitchell, george lewis streaming
kool keith spankmaster, black elvis lost in space, diesel truckers
nicole mitchell’s black earth ensemble at the chicago cultural center debuting her new mother nature suite
rova saxophone quartet with guests also at the chicago cultural center
the necks at empty bottle

yoga (who knew?)
improvising music

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