the necks


last night the necks at the cultural center. 2 sets. the first sounded like water. the way all the instruments worked together. the piano. the bass. the drums. this pulsing mass of music flow. it was nice. 40 minutes. growing music.

the second set. quieter. more sinister. the drums stole the show. or the lack of drums. the drummer played the drums without playing the actual drums. played around the kit. sounded like a wheezing antiquated machine lurching back to life. rolling in spurts and fits. rolling a metal disc around the rim or the floor tom. metal on metal. a brush flickering on the snare. no beat. just flow. slow burn build up until the kick drum is constant. thump. thump. thump. and a counter tap sizzle of drum stick on cymbal. the way these two sound played off each other sounded unnatural tense and evil. all the while metal on metal, discs on rims, taps and skitters of other little instruments on the drums instead of a stick.

the bass started the song. 4 notes. slow quiet solitary.

the drummer rolling something with his foot that made this percussive loud clicking rattle.

the kick drums sounds like stomping on the pedals of a piano really hard. soft disembodied attack hit followed by deep distant lingering reverb.

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